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Davies Alpine House High Tech Greenhouses

Davies Alpine House by Wilkinson Eyre ArchitectsDesigned by architects Wilkinson Eyre, Davies Alpine House is a high technology greenhouses of Kew, in the tradition of innovation that provides a balanced and sustainable design, energy efficiency for a growing environment world-renowned Kew collection of alpine plants. The Davies Alpine House that sees as two back-to-back arched shape is both landmark and a welcoming gesture to visitors to the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew (a world heritage site by UNESCO), London, United Kingdom . The height of the glass house of the two back-to-back arched structures that create a chimney effect, ensures efficient thermal updraft to expel hot air at the top of the building structure.
Davies Alpine House by Wilkinson Eyre ArchitectsAdditional environmental control is provided by a single solution shadow, a fan-shaped cloth provides protection against the sunlight like the tail of a peacock. Ground, air is conducted through a concrete maze where it cools before being reintroduced into the bottom of the greenhouse.