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Nevsky Town Hall St. Petersburg Administrative Building

Nevsky Town Hall St. Petersburg Administrative BuildingNevsky Town Hall, ST Petersburg City Council in Russia, was designed by nps Tchoban Voss GmbH & Co. KG. The design competition serves as a concept for building the new city of St. Petersburg in connection with a new administrative and business complex in the historic city center. The site adjoins residential buildings mostly dating from the late nineteenth to mid twentieth century. What makes the project unique is the plan to merge the institutions of the executive and office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, trade and services in a complex of administrative buildings.
Nevsky Town Hall St. Petersburg Administrative BuildingThe administrative building of the municipal government of St. Petersburg has a distinguished position in the eastern part of the site with the main facade along Novgorodskaja Street. The dominant position of the administration building is distinguished by its shape and height. The dome-shaped lens in the main building in the area and represents a distinctive and recognizable detail. A passage of light strips embedded in the ground across the entire area.