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TREE Restaurant by Koichi Takada Architects

TREE Restaurant by Koichi Takada ArchitectsTree Restaurant design by Koichi Takada architects located in Sydney, Australia. Contemporary interior design can best embody the qualities and virtues found in nature. Dining under the trees of cherry blossoms is a social gathering to celebrate the arrival of spring. This concept not only represents the portion of Japanese cuisine, but also the hopes of capturing a symbolic place for local people to pick and eat "a great tree for the owner to feed the business as if every time a tree.
TREE Restaurant by Koichi Takada ArchitectsDappled light filters through the branches of the wood. The widening of the light change as they move throughout the restaurant, imitating the irregularity of natural light, while highlighting the way Sushi Train. Conceptually, the tree has become a symbol of nurturing and care put into growing this successful business. The branches reach out to the perimeter, which includes guests and workers.