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Busstop Park Ride Citybus by Lysbeth de Groot-de Vries

Located in Hoogkerk, Netherlands, Busstop Park Ride Citybus was designed by Park Ride Lysbeth de Groot-de Vries, LYVR which offers space for 600 cars, bicycles and offers different options for the transfer of county buses and the city. Situated on the edge of the parking and bus lanes, the waiting room at the bus stop in bright colors that provides direct access to Central Station of Groningen. The waiting room is a partially enclosed public space consisting of a square and a building with lounges. The triangular space is characterized by a pattern of lily pads that extends into the interior of the building. Large lily pads is a reference to the field with many channels, the area immediately surrounding the building. The square is a bit high. Disabled access to the square through ramps and fysical guidelines are integrated into the surface.
Busstop Park Ride Citybus by Lysbeth de Groot-de VriesThe main building structure is a concrete domed shell is incised on three sides. The form has no right angles, but is composed of circles, arcs and spheres. Inside is a triangular metal core that includes a disabled toilet, a sink and a fourth driver included. The core is also part of the main structure is self-sufficient. The shape of the building is clearly an impressive sculpture in the landscape.
Busstop Park Ride Citybus by Lysbeth de Groot-de VriesThe opening of the building to the bus stop waiting area Park & ​​Ride Citybus Groningen creates a public safety. Lighting also plays an important role. Recessions are partially filled with sections of glass, which is elected for three different colors, which refer to the three directions from where buses meet. At the same time, these glass walls also provide protection against wind and rain. At night the building is illuminated in different ways, directly and indirectly to make it look like a multicolored lantern light. Inside the room, round poufs concrete offer passengers an experience of dry and warm out. The bus schedules are visible inside and outside the waiting room through an integrated digital information system.