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JC&M House by ALT Arquitectura

JC&M House by ALT ArquitecturaThis modern house was designed by ALT architecture in Madrid, Spain. The house is situated in a beautiful natural environment that will make homeowners will really enjoy the panoramic beauty of the environment surrounding the break with the family.

JC&M House by ALT ArquitecturaBy taking advantage of the slope, which is integrated into the rest of the development, like the chameleon, is shown as a broad vision of the eyes of the plant, only visible on frontage road. That leaves a floor is considered, in which all turn on the interior spaces, as the argument of the window. Occupation shows two distinct characteristics, as the demands of society. The former is defined in the entry zone, but recovered in the brick in honor of a neighbor's house. Into a piece of land, housing is soft, made of? Glass, stainless steel and a thin metal screen.