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Modern Interior of Twister Restaurant

This interior design for the restaurant was designed by Sergey Butenko Vasiliy Makhno and in Kiev. The main goal in designing the space of this restaurant is to create a natural environment restaurant, modern and comfortable. Here you will feel like a bird who fell while sipping a cocktail or dinner at the top of a tornado. This restaurant can be classified as a modern European style cuisine and offers a molecular gastronomy.

Modern Interior of Twister RestaurantThis has two main areas: part two-story dining area and informal dining section. Two-storey bar was inspired by two natural phenomena: a tornado and rain. This room has a balcony six tornadoes form that makes a dynamic zone with the consumption of the cell in five years. The restaurant walls are covered with sheets of wood balcony makes the surface soft contrast.

Modern Interior of Twister RestaurantCeiling lights mimic the rain water falling from the sky so the atmosphere is very natural and ensures maximum comfort. Restaurant space for natural soft colors that extend throughout the restaurant: ocre beige, burgundy, brown. The bar is made of wooden sticks stuck together. This creates a sense of bird's nest wall decor where you can feel warm and comfortable. Contemporary design is reminiscent of the cones and coniferous forests. The whole place is made for rest and change the mentality of the people with the spirit of meditation.