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AmphitheatreTrois-Rivières in Canada

AmphitheatreTrois-Rivières in CanadaDesigned by Wolff Shapiro Kuskowski architectes ARCHITEM, Trois-Rivières Amphitheatre is located in Trois-Rivières, Canada. Inspired by the history of the city, with its roots in the timber industry, the draft Architem creates an icon on the landscape and focuses on the connection to the water. The forest informs and inspires the expression of architectural building. The outer wall recalls the poetry of the seasonal movements of the branches, their laciness and transparency.

AmphitheatreTrois-Rivières in CanadaIts 3-dimensional facade, modulation orchestrée, prefabricated system is formed facade of perforated metal cylinders in an innovative way. The building frames views across the river and offers a rate that vibrates in its double skin, an illusion created kinetic changes as you move along your face. With its dynamic movement also recalls the role of the proposed cultural music and dance. At night, the front lights up like a floating wave is transformed into a beacon on color, a magnet for cultural.