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Design Class-X Innovative Kitchen by Moretuzzo

Class-X Innovative Kitchen by MoretuzzoX-class collection contains other collections combined elements Moretuzzo (Futura and Essentia), besides their own. This combination allows you to create unique kitchens that are classic and modern at the same time. They consist of gloss lacquered glass and wood elements in addition to traditional. Class-X collection is ideal for small spaces. Use deep drawers, large closets and remote control mechanism that opens and closes the curtain on the work area if it is installed.

Class-X Innovative Kitchen by Moretuzzo
Class-X Moretuzzo Cell technology uses innovative framework that allows the application of the cup to the cabinets with no visible border. The glass is protected by a wooden frame, but separated from the structure to ensure safety. Frame structure, which allows using hidden handle, available in steel, black and white finishes.