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Royal Resort and Garden by Prem Nath

Royal Resort and Garden by Prem NathThe Royal Resort and Garden designed by Prem Nath & Associates is located in Delhi, India. Prem Nath has created concept designs for a 1 million square feet of luxury hotel-resort-foot garden project to fill this gap, with the name of Royal Garden Resort Hotel & Royal.
Royal Resort and Garden by Prem NathThe Royal Resort will have 200 luxury rooms / suites with living module of 49 square meters, two restaurants, cafes, a bar, pool bar, meeting rooms, business centers, balconies, pool decks, and musical sources. The resort hotel tower will have 300 rooms with 40 square meter module, 2 restaurants, cafes, a bar, a club lounge, rooftop restaurant, meeting rooms, malls, etc. The hotel apartments comprise of service 50 one bed units and 25 two-bedroom units. The villas of the hotel will be a G, 25 villas (50units) each with a bedroom 1 / 2, disco-in parks, dedicated pool decks, pool recreation and coffee, etc.