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Hotel Lone Designed by 3LHD Architects

Designed by 3LHD architects, Hotel Lone in the picturesque Mediterranean town of Rovinj, Croatia is a monochromatic hotel with the support of complex sculptures and modern interior design. Created by a team of creative recognition of Croatia consists of a new generation of architects, conceptual artists, product, fashion and graphic designers, the design of the first hotel in Croatia is a vision of the band sounds monochrome. The architects of 3LHD study were responsible for the design and building of the hotel. The identity of the hotel is recognized throughout the exterior design of the building with a facade that is defined by the dominant horizontal lines, guards terrace designed to evoke the image of the ship pitched roofs. The contract floorplate building up a level, creating an elevation that stretches in all angles.
Hotel Lone Designed by 3LHD ArchitectsComplex terrain of the site with dramatic elevation changes determines the location of the internal space facilities through a dynamic network of public spaces and suites at all levels. The specific plan and soil as possible: rational organization chart and functional quality views from all rooms and public facilities pooling around a vertical central hall. The main hall is connected to the common areas at all levels, creating a central volume of impressive height and scale of interesting points of view around which all the vital functions of the hotel will be.
Hotel Lone Designed by 3LHD ArchitectsVisually the open space of light and the lobby is covered with white stone surfaces and fabrics beige-gold, oval lines mezzanine guards and furniture enhance the character of space and fluid are in contrast with the tones intimate, off of the rooms and suites, where the atmosphere is more relaxed, warm materials (wood and carpet), the darker colors and soft lighting. All the hotel's design is based on contrasts (black, white, wood) and tissues such as the unifying element, ranging from a veil of thin fluid in the restaurant, through functional wall coverings, but the dynamic rooms, rich wall decorations in the lobby. In addition to the general architectural design, interiors and furniture were designed and chosen specifically for the hotel in order to achieve a recognizable identity. Designers Numen / For Use designed the facility, while the furniture in the lobby of the hotel were made by a group of innovative artists, as Ivana Franke, Vuji Silvio? I? study fashion and I-GLE. The landscape design was completed with Studio Kappo. Bruketa agency and Zini? OM conceived and oversaw the visual identity of the hotel.