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Grahame Park in London by Jestico Whiles

Grahame Park in London by Jestico WhilesGrahame Park in London, UK, was designed by Jestico Whiles. The second phase of regeneration is a site of key gateway near Colindale Underground Station and will deliver 446 new homes, a library, community center, office accommodation, cafe and supermarket. A new public plaza at the south end of Grahame Park will create an open and attractive site for development.
Grahame Park in London by Jestico WhilesOutline of the team consists of six new buildings, plus several pieces filled retained on the farm. Buildings in the north, east and west of the plaza will have community and retail uses at ground and first floor levels with one, two and three bedrooms upstairs. The south side of the square will be defined by landscaping. The buildings in the north of the square will contain homes for sale and rent, and took a step back in a gentle curve to define a new park. The links north-south spine of the square and the park with new east-west routes replacing existing dead end for connecting this phase of the farm in general.