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BPGM Law Office Design by FGMF Arquitetos

This law office interior was designed by Arquitetos FGMF in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The division within this office building is as follows: A plant - a bigger operation - and others - a bit smaller, for meeting rooms and areas. Once the administration to define a clear division between the social and functional floor, the need to represent the views of BPGM Office for the client and the lawyer fell back into one.
BPGM Law Office Design by FGMF ArquitetosIn the first view of the situation, it seems interesting option for us to establish the office with a radial shape: Each meeting room, therefore, within the set perimeter, to outdoor lighting and natural and, in the middle of the series - the focal point for visitors - there will be a library for managing large flows in different rooms. The natural lighting of the library and classrooms are guaranteed under the banner of continuous glass divider in each room.

Peripheral However, the library has a great symbolic importance to the factory and the current element of the whole organization. Is also assigned to us who have seen the first element to the visitor as soon as you leave the elevator. Therefore, it is necessary that the library should not be just one element to accumulate and organize books, but also the elements that represent the ideology of the office. Your responsibility will be twofold: a well-organized library, but also is an interesting and different - conscious to the point of not compromising the needs of the seriousness and reliability of a law firm must show, but as the essence of innovation and contemporary BPGM Office.
BPGM Law Office Design by FGMF ArquitetosThere is thus a sort of conflict between tradition and innovation order. In response to this desire we jump, an idea emerged: the library will become a labyrinth of small, with an unusual angle, and parts of the opening and closing. Also, some places have a window in which people in the hallways could be examined, and indeed elsewhere closed.We also designed the library to get off the ground. Whole library dependent floating elements never touch the ground, floating in an almost mysterious to 40 cm of the slab.
BPGM Law Office Design by FGMF ArquitetosLawyers of law are essentially the brain. This type of agreement and discussion, but it is the work of ministry, based on the people and knowledge. Library in the center is set but the representation of the collective knowledge available to the Office BPGM customers. Form of abstract knowledge in a gentle, floating, not touching the floor or wall through which the item in the library - a small floating labyrinth houses the offices of knowledge and, although contemporary, reveal all traditions.