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UK-Crossrail Paddington Station in London

UK-Crossrail Paddington Station in LondonThat Crossrail Paddington Station in London, UK, was designed by Weston Williamson. The proposals include important works Paddington around Grade Brunel station list and the design has undergone extensive review of Westminster City Council, English Heritage and CABE review panel through Crossrail. Weston Williamson design preserves the integrity of the old building and improving the north side of Paddington.

UK-Crossrail Paddington Station in LondonCrossrail station creates a dramatic space that responds to the great original Brunel "big inside." The entrance hall is open to the outdoors and is bathed in natural light through an elegant glass cover also contains a vibrant new public domain adjacent to the historic station. The open design allows natural way to research and provides an appropriate spatial drama to this strategic location.