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Poetry Foundation Building by architects John Ronan

Poetry Foundation Building by architects John RonanLocated in Chicago, USA, Poetry Foundation has been designed by architects John Ronan. Located on the corner of Chicago River North neighborhood, the building blurs the distinction between building and landscape, between the inner and outer space. Visitors enter through an eroded corner reveals a space in the garden. The garden is an urban oasis, a respite from the busy city and hectic. The building of public spaces, a poetry reading room, gallery and library (located on the ground floor) are organized around the garden, with most of the rooms have direct visual access to the landscape.

Poetry Foundation Building by architects John RonanOffices are located on the second level. The public spaces are developed, "like the pages of a book slowly, causing the visitor's interest to see how they make their way through the building. Once inside the garden, visitors are greeted by a space of double height library announcing the entrance to the literary medium. Inside, an exhibition hall is connected to the library and reading room, where poets present their work.