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The Museum of Benozzo Gozzoli

The Museum of Benozzo GozzoliThe Museum of Benozzo Gozzoli

The museum Benozzo Gozzoli designed by Massimo Mariani is in Castelfiorentino (Florence), Italy. The building has its roots in the ground with a functional basis, a shaped island, which solves the problem of street furniture (benches, pots, etc.).. The curved base that stretches around the building, can also be used as living room, a play area for children and a small stage for outdoor theater.

Requested by the local municipality, the building is fully covered with brick, matching materials and finishes of some local churches. The ground floor is characterized in part by a low ceiling, is a shady area that is rapidly on the half-height space, where the Tabernacolo della Visitation is under a cascade of natural light. On the first floor, recessed in the wall corner, is where the Madonna della Tosse Tabernacolo be found.