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MP09 Headquarters der Uniopt Pachleitner

MP09 Headquarters der Uniopt PachleitnerDesigned by GSarchitects, MP09 Headquarters der Uniopt Pachleitner Group is located in Graz, Austria. The images of cars, airplanes and boats have been introduced to ensure that competitors guests share the same vision as the client, however, the winner was instigated by the image of a panther crouching black ", about ready for spring ". This display of strength and elegance hit a chord with the GS Group and architects Pachleitner were subsequently selected for the project.

MP09 Headquarters der Uniopt PachleitnerCompleted in the summer of 2010, the commercial building is sheathed in a black glass front, your hair shiny suits to ensure that the external image memory. From now one can draw a parallel between the lesser of the new Group headquarters and house Pachleitner Foster + Partners / BDP-designed PricewaterhouseCoopers in London More, whose facade is equally elegant black close on sharp edges and points angular.