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Irving Convention Center by RMJM

2008 won the American Institute of Architects New Jersey Chapter Award, the Irving Convention Center located in Las Colinas, Texas, was designed by Edinburgh-based RMJM international architects to be as efficient and flexible as possible, reducing the footprint and what is attractive to a wide range of organizations. In an effort to avoid the appearance of traditional convention center and also use natural light as much as possible, the Irving Convention Center is the main class convention center in the world that has been designed as two boxes stacked is rotated to create cantilevered corners provide shade outdoors several areas for visitors to use.

The Convention Center Las Colinas sets a new standard for conference rooms and make the city of Irving preferred destination for business tourism and leisure. The Convention Center of Las Colinas is one of the largest convention centers friendly environment in North America's glass and surrounded by natural light curtains wrapped in copper cladding facade designed to generate a patina to change a single aspect and to reduce energy consumption as they age over time - a striking and timeless icon for Western boom town in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth a convention center.
Irving Convention Center by RMJMThe perforated copper plant package is designed to serve as exhibitions, conventions, meetings and a variety of other events for local residents with a coffee and a large terrace with outdoor shade on the second floor. The building consists of several levels with an adjacent parking garage. On the first floor of the room 50. 000 square meter column-free exhibition includes approximately two and a half stories tall and includes the main lobby. The second level contains 20 breakout rooms totaling 20,000 square meters, and the cafeteria atrium that extends to an outdoor terrace in the shade. The third level consists of twelve rooms for meetings and classes, along with a junior ballroom, which can be divided into eight single rooms. The site overlooks a roof garden terrace area and the Dallas skyline.
Irving Convention Center by RMJMUnlike typical horizontal orientation of most convention centers, the £ 82 million, 275,000-square-foot sports center in Las Colinas features a stacked square room 50,000 feet of column free exhibition, a ballroom of 20,000 square feet and 20 meeting rooms in a large vertical set of copper, glass and steel. The installation of highly flexible open interior design that offers the functionality to simultaneously hold several different types of events and meetings, while the vertical form maximizes the usable space in a minimum space to build self-shading and increase energy efficiency.